Tactics For Removing Fleas and Other Pests

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Getting Rid Of Rodents

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If you start finding small fecal pellets in your home, it is time to take action. Most of the time the fecal pellets are going to belong to a mouse or a rat. These two little rodents are known to carry some of the worst diseases around. The fleas that are on rats are often Xenopsylla cheopis. These are nasty little fleas that are thought to be the cause of the bubonic plague. The fecal pellets of mice often will cause an individual to catch the Hantavirus. This virus can be deadly to humans, but mice are often the host. If you start seeing signs of rodents, the time to act is right now. Here are a few different things that you can to do for a rodent problem.

Deep Clean

The rodents made their way into your home because they found shelter and a food source. They are likely eating some of the insulation in your home, but they might have found crumbs and other food. You need to take a day or two and deep clean your entire home. Take everything out of your pantry and cupboards and throw old things out. Ensure that there are no crumbs or free food through the home. Make sure that all garbage is thrown away, and it often pays to buy a new garbage can.


You may have heard that poison is a very good way to get rid of rodents, and poison definitely kills rodents. However, poison often allows the rodent to escape into the walls of your home, and the rodent dies never to be seen again. A trap kills the rodent immediately and you are able to dispose of the rodent. Set the trap in areas of high rodent traffic. Look for fecal pellets and stains along baseboards. When setting the trap use regular food, and put the trap perpendicular to the baseboards.

Other Pests

It is very possible that the reason that the rodents are in your home is that you have other pests that the rodents are trying to eat. The food source may actually be other small insects. One of the best things that you can do is have a professional pest control service spray your home. Not only are they able to spray for the insects, but also they can spray and kill the rodents while they are at it. They are able to take care of the home, and many guarantee their work.