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5 Termite Prevention Tips

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Termites are a major problem for homeowners since they can cause structural damage if you don't get rid of them soon enough. Termites can be difficult to see and it may be a while before you ever realize you have a termite problem, which is not good since by then they have probably caused more damage than you realize. This is why you need to be actively preventing termites to ensure that you avoid this problem as best as possible. Here are five termite prevention tips that can help you:

  1. Keep Water Away: You want to be sure that you are keeping water away from the foundation of your home. Termites not only need wood as a food source, but they also need water, which is why this is important. You need to be sure that your gutters are continuously clean and properly installed to ensure that rainwater is driven away from your home. 
  2. Trim Bushes and Trees: A home that is crowded with overgrown bushes and trees are much more prone to termites since the termites will first feed on these trees and bushes that will help lead them to your home where they can hide easier. By trimming trees and bushes, termites won't be able to hide as easily or live in humid conditions, which is best for them. Plus, trimmed trees and bushes won't easily lead termites to your home.
  3. Keep Firewood Away: Firewood for the winter time should never be stored near the foundation of your home. There is a chance that firewood could already be contaminated with termites and if this is placed near your home, then those termites are easily going to be drawn to your home. 
  4. Proper Ventilation: Crawl spaces in your home must have proper ventilation to prevent these areas from becoming humid. Humid conditions are attractive to termites, so humid crawl spaces of a home make for the perfect environment for termites. You must be sure that ventilation in the crawl spaces isn't blocked and you have to be sure that it is installed correctly. 
  5. Routine Inspections: It is important that you have routine termite inspections done to your home. The professionals will come in to be sure that termites are caught early before they cause any major damage. The professionals are going to look for bugs that look like winged ants, but are really termites, and any signs of wood dust around or in your home that can suggest you have a termite infestation.

By knowing how to prevent termites, you are ensuring that you don't end up having to spend hundreds on repairs for damages that they can cause. Contact a termite control company for more information.