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Mistakes To Avoid After Discovering Bed Bugs In A Hotel Room

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These days, beg bugs are a common problem--especially in hotels. Even if you make reservations at a very nice hotel, it is still possible that you could end up encountering bed bugs at some point during your stay. The best way to avoid this is to always check a room for bed bugs by looking under mattresses and on linens before settling into a room. However, even when taking precautions, it's still possible for bed bugs to arise. When dealing with hotel bed bugs, there are a few major mistakes you'll need to avoid.

Accepting a Move to Another Room

If you spot any bed bugs in your hotel room, you will want to get your belongings out of the room and immediately report the situation to the hotel manager. Do not accept an offer to switch to another room. After all, there is a good chance the bed bugs are throughout the entire building. Even if they're not, they could now be on your luggage, so moving into another room in the same hotel isn't going to solve anything. Leave the hotel.

Failure to File a Report With the Hotel Manager

Of course, before you leave the hotel, it's also important that you speak with the manager and file an official incident report. This way, should you decide to seek legal compensation down the road (which you may want to do if you end up needing to replace clothing, luggage, or other belongings), you will have a documented report proving that the incident occurred in the first place. Be sure to obtain a copy of said report before you leave the hotel and, of course, be sure that your money is refunded. This will also encourage the hotel to receive bed bug treatment

Bringing Your Luggage Immediately Back Home

To be completely safe, the best thing you can do if you believe your luggage has been exposed to bed bugs, is to throw it away and buy new clothing and toiletries before returning home. The hotel should be liable to pay for this, so be sure to keep receipts. If you choose to bring your luggage back home with you, be sure to inspect it carefully for signs of bed bugs. Even if you don't find any, consider leaving your luggage in a garage and immediately wash any clothing (in hot water) as soon as you get home. This will help to reduce the chances of bringing home the infestation with you.