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Avoiding Bed Bug Problems When You're Traveling For Work

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Traveling for business is something that many people do. It usually includes many stays in different hotels, and that's where you may encounter some unwelcome guests. Bed bugs can sometimes be a problem for hotels, but if you heed these tips they need not be a problem for you.

Examine Your Room

After a long drive or flight the first thing you might want to do when you reach your hotel room is to flop on the bed and turn on the television. However, if you want to avoid bedbugs, you're going to need to do something else first. A quick examination of the space can help you realize if bed bugs are already in the room. As you may guess, the first place to check out is the bed. Lift off the bedding so that you can directly look at the mattress. The bugs are reddish-brown in color, although they are very small. They usually congregate along the corners of the bed and in any indentations in the mattress. You should also look at furniture in the room for the insects.

If you see bugs, leave the room immediately. Head back to the check-in desk and tell staff what you've seen. You'll be offered another room, but ensure that your new space is far from the other one because bugs, over time, can travel and could be in the rooms adjacent to the old room.

Hang Clothing in Zipped Garment Bags

Because you will likely want to hang suits and your other business clothing so that they aren't wrinkled when you need them, you're going to need to use the closet in your room. To be safe, it is wise to keep these clothing items in zipped garment bags so that there is no chance that bed bugs will get near them when you lay them out on the bed or as they are in the closet.

Wash Clothing Immediately Upon Return

Even after taking as many precautions as possible, a few bugs may sneak into your belongings. After greeting loved ones, it might be best to move all your luggage directly to the laundry area without stopping anywhere else. Washing your clothes--even if they are unworn pieces--as soon as possible, especially in hot water, may kill off any bugs that have traveled with you. Special clothing items should be taken to a local dry cleaner for steaming.

These suggestions should help you avoid problems with bed bugs even if you travel frequently for business. Ask local pest control companies for more bed bug treatment tips and to check out your home when you get back just to confirm that the insects haven't come back with you.