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Have Bed Bugs? Avoid Doing These 3 Things That Can Interfere With Pest Control Treatments

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When you find out your home has bed bugs, you may go into a panic. After all, bed bugs have a reputation for being difficult to get rid of, not to mention they torture you with itchy bites. Don't overreact by throwing out furniture and spraying your home with insecticide. There is a right way and wrong way to deal with these pesky bugs. Here are some things you don't want to do.

Don't Rush Out And Buy Bug Spray Or Bombs

The insecticides you can buy at a hardware store aren't very effective on bed bugs. The bugs became resistant to the poisons a long time ago, and that's why they have made a strong comeback. Spraying your house could expose you, your kids, and your pets to dangerous chemicals unnecessarily. On top of that, the sprays can actually drive the bugs into deep hiding or make them spread through your home, and that will make your situation worse.

Don't Move Out Of Your Bedroom

If the infestation is early, there's a good chance most of the bugs will be in your bedroom since they want to stay close to their food source when they come out at night. If you try to escape the bugs by sleeping on the couch or a guest room, the bugs will hunt you down and spread through your home in the process. It's better to keep the bugs in one place so they are easier to exterminate. This also means you don't want to stay with a friend unless you are meticulous about examining everything you take to your friend's house, or bed bugs might tag along. The bad thing is that the bugs can out-wait you. They can go for a long time without feeding. You may stay away for several days or a few weeks only to return to a house full of ravenous bugs. You may not like the idea of sleeping in the same room with the bugs, but you can take steps to keep them from biting you by encasing your bed to trap bugs you can't remove by vacuuming, and then putting traps under the legs of your bed so new bugs can't crawl up and get you.

Don't Throw Everything Out

Tossing furniture and clothing is not necessary, and it will only spread the bugs around. Bugs may fall off in your living room when you carry a mattress out the door. The bugs may crawl off your furniture and enter a neighbor's home or someone may go through the trash for your treasures not knowing they are full of bugs and take them home. Only throw out your belongings if you wanted to get rid of them anyway and only if you clearly mark them with a bed bug sign so other people don't bother them. You can usually avoid the expense of replacing furniture, even your bed, if you follow the instructions of your pest control company for getting rid of the bugs and keeping them from coming back.

Even though you may be in panic mode and frantic from your itchy bites, before you do anything drastic that could spread the bugs or make them more difficult to eradicate, call a pest control company for effective treatment. A bed bug exterminator will teach you everything you need to do to save your furniture and your clothes, and he or she will treat your home in a safe way so the bed bug infestation is wiped out as soon as possible.

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