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Killing A Rodent Problem

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When you find that you have a rodent problem in your home, you are gong to have to act as quickly as possible. The faster that you are able to get rid of them the better. The reason for this is that rodents carry terrible diseases. The fecal pellets of mice are known to have hantavirus while the fleas that rats carry are known to carry many different diseases. In order to get rid of the little beasties as soon as possible you are going to want to do a few different things. This article is going to outline how to take care of rodents in the home.

Set Traps

Some people like to put poison out around the home. Poison is usually very effective, but the poison does not always kill them right at the spot. Often if you are using poison the rodent will go back inside the wall and die. It is very hard to retrieve a rodent when it is your wall. For this purpose it is a great idea to set traps. You will find that you want to set a trap in an area where the rodents have spent a lot of time. You will know this because you will find fecal pellets or even a grease stain on a floor board. When you set the trap make sure that it is perpendicular to th floorboard with the bait away from the floorboard. Setting a trap in this manner is the most likely way for a rodent to have to trip the trap to get the bail.


It is no surprise that rodents like to be in a home that is messy and unclean. One of the very best things that you can do for yourself is to clean your home. You are going to want to deep clean the entire home. The cleaner your home the better, and you are going to want to pay special attention to pantries and cupboards with food. Just as a side note, you may want to use a cleaner that has a citrus or a cedar smell as rodents do not like these smells. 

Call In A Professional

If you have tried for a few weeks unsuccessfully to kill the rodents in ;your home it may be time to bring in a professional rodent terminator.They will be able to track down the rodents and often kill them where they are making themselves at home. Most companies are going to guarantee their work. 

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