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Keeping Pests Out Of Your Yard

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If you live in an area where you deal with different types of wildlife then you may want to do your best to prevent them from becoming too comfortable in your yard. There are many reasons why keeping the different critters from making homes around your property can be a good idea. Deer can leave a lot of ticks in your yard that can be picked up by your pets, raccoons can be dangerous to your pets if they are confronted, skunks can spray a horrible spray that is very hard to get out of clothing and fur and there are also many other dangerous and/or destructive types of wildlife you may find yourself dealing with. Here are some things you can do that should help to decrease the amount of wildlife you end up dealing with around your property:

Put up a wooden fence

A wooden fence can help to keep certain types of animals out like bears and deer. While deer are generally capable of jumping some pretty tall fences, they usually don't like to jump a fence when they aren't able to see what is on the other side and this is why a wooden fence may work a bit better than a chain link one would. However, if you are more concerned with bears, then you want to make sure the fence is kept in very good shape or decide to go with wrought iron because a bear can easily take down a wooden one if they are determined.

Invest in the right trash cans

If you have regular trash cans with lids that fit on without really securing then you can expect to wake up many mornings to a huge mess when the trash gets strewn all over your front yard from an animal. You can prevent this from happening by getting yourself heavy duty trash cans with lids that secure into place so they have to be manually removed.

Have motion detecting sprinklers installed

If you put in motion detecting sprinklers and a larger sized animal walks into your yard and triggers them then they will come on making a noise and spraying water all over them. The chances are great that this will cause the animal to flee your yard out of both fear and not wanting to continue getting soaked by the water. Motion detecting lights can also help, but not quite as much as the sprinklers.

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