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Get Rid Of (And Prevent) Roaches In 6 Steps

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Pest elimination is a common concern, especially in the heat of the summer when even the bugs are looking for relief. Cockroaches are one of the most undesirable pests to have in the house. Are you afraid of attracting cockroaches to your house? Are you hoping to get rid of the ones you already have? These six steps will help you eliminate cockroaches from your home quickly and efficiently.

1. Place Glue Strips in Infestation Areas

After checking common areas where you find roaches, place some glue strips on the floor or counter. High-traffic locations are the best spots for traps, and you will see how successful the method is based on how many roaches you are able to trap. Some people opt to use gel bait instead, but this can become harder to clean up.

2. Fill in Entry Points

Caulking gaps in wall, tiles, windows, doors, and other holes can save a lot of time. Eliminating points of entry and exit will help you target the cockroach population.

3. Set Up Bait Stations

Bait stations work by attracting roaches with bait and then giving them poison. When the roach carries the poison back to its home, it dies. Other cockroaches will die by ingesting the poison. While effective in many cases, these stations are not ideal for everybody. Some people do not want poison around their house, especially if they have pets. Plus, bait stations can be unsightly.

4. Sanitize Everything in Your House

Cockroaches are attracted to food residue, which can be found on counters, stoves, and even dirty dishes in your kitchen sink. Sweep floors, wash counters, and do dishes every night. Wipe down appliances, including refrigerators, coffeemakers, microwaves, and more. Look around the kitchen for hidden crumbs or spills.

5. Cool Down

Cockroaches revel in the summer months, so make sure you keep your home as cool as possible to prevent roaches from establishing roots in your home.

6. Eliminate Sources of Moisture

Water leaks are a source of comfort for cockroaches because they love moisture. They need water every few days, so they will find any leak and make it the local watering hole.

You certainly do not want roaches in your home. These pests can cause food poisoning, allergic reactions, and even intense skin rashes. If you are unable to eliminate cockroaches on your own, your next step is to call a pest exterminator service for roach control. They can help you target unwanted pests of all varieties.