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Fall And Winter Mouse Prevention Tips: How To Keep Field Mice Out Of Your Home

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When the weather becomes too cold outside, some pests seek warmer places to raise their young, including field mice. Although field mice live in woody or grassy areas, the pests can enter human homes when it becomes too cold to live safely outdoors. Once inside your house, the pests create holes in your walls, cabinets, and flooring. The rodents also carry infectious diseases, parasites, and pathogens. You can keep mice out of your home with the simple tips below:

Seal Your Home

One of the most effective ways to keep field mice and other rodents out of your home is to seal it. Mice are capable of squeezing through the tightest spaces and smallest holes, including damaged window screens and deteriorating eaves. Some mice will chew through structures already weakened by moisture and rot. 

You want to seal each opening or crack around your home with foam or caulk. These types of materials fill in empty spaces by expanding. If you have large holes, cover them with steel mesh before applying your foam or caulk. Allow the material to set or dry before you proceed to the next opening or crack.

Also, repair or have someone repair any roofing structures around your home that appear deteriorated or damaged. Field mice may climb small branches, limbs, and other items to enter these places. 

If you still see field mice in your home, contact pest control right away.

Seek Help From Pest Control

Even if you manage to keep other rodents out of the home, some field mice may already be established or settled in your house. The pests may have nests in your attic, basement, or behind your walls. You may not be able to access these locations without a professional pest control company's help.

Pest control experts, or exterminators, can set the appropriate traps to catch, contain, or exterminate the rodents in your home. Poison and other chemical "warfare" may or may not be the best option for you. If mice consume the poison and perish inside your walls or ceiling, they can decay. Decaying mice can make your home smell and feel unhealthy. For safety reasons, exterminators can discuss the best type of poison control to use for your rodent problem.

Pest control may also go through your home to ensure that it's rodent-proofed properly. If exterminators find any problems, they may offer the best tips or recommendations on how to repair them.

To learn more about field mice and how they enter your home, contact an exterminator like PermaTreat Pest & Termite Control today