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How To Remove Ladybugs From Your Home

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Ladybugs are a common garden insect that can be beneficial for your yard's plants, as ladybugs are natural predators of aphids, another common garden pest. However, ladybugs can become a problem if they manage to find their way into the interior of your home, as they will likely do so in large groups and can find their way into food in your cabinets or garbage. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to remove the ladybug population that has found its way into your home.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

The easiest way to immediately remove moderate amounts of ladybugs from an infested plant or area in your house is to use a vacuum cleaner, preferably one with a hose attachment. Then all you have to do is vacuum up as many ladybugs as you can see before you take the bag outside and empty it.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a mineral that is available at most hardware and grocery stores as a natural insecticide. It will dehydrate and kill ladybugs, as well as any other insects which come into contact with it. Simply sprinkle the diatomaceous earth along windowsills, door thresholds, or any other areas where you think that it is likely ladybugs will find a way into your home, and it will passively reduce the ladybug population. Keep in mind that you'll want to take care to keep children and pets from consuming diatomaceous earth when considering where to apply it.

Soap and Water

A safer alternative than diatomaceous earth that can be used with pets and small children is a simple bowl of water with a few drops of soap in it. Light reflecting off of the surface of the water will attract ladybugs, who will fall into the water and either drown or be killed by the soap. Placing several medium-sized bowls around your home can help you slowly reduce the number of ladybugs within your home.

Close Entrances Into your Home

Beyond actually killing ladybugs, there are a few thing that you can do to keep ladybugs and other insects from entering your home. You'll want to inspect the caulking around your windows and the weather stripping along your doors to see if you'll need to plug any holes. Caulking can simply be squeezed out of a tube and then spread with your finger, while weather stripping is self-adhesive and can be laid in the same place as previous weather stripping installations. In addition, if your window screens are torn up, you may want to consider purchasing new, stronger screens that will keep bugs and the elements out. 

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