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Three Signs Of A Termite Infestation

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Termites are one of the most common types of pests that can take up residence within your home. They are also the most destructive, due to their tendency to eat away at wooden structures. This means that a termite infestation can be much more expensive to fix even after removing the bugs, since they can cause structural damage to a variety of surfaces throughout your home. Fortunately, there are a few warning signs that you can watch out for to determine if you may have a termite presence, so you can contact a pest control specialist and exterminator at the first sign of trouble.

Garden Damage

Termites, like ants, will rarely build nests, initially, in your home, but they may enter in slowly increasing numbers, as their colony expands. This means that you will first see signs of termite damage in your yard, affecting your trees, bushes, and other woody plants—or even wooden hardscaping, like decks and fencing, or accessories, like birdhouses. Termites will eat tunnels and holes into the wooden surfaces of all of these items and leave sawdust throughout your yard, as they do so. Furthermore, termite colonies are large mud structures that are easily visible as they grow. Keeping an eye out for damage, sawdust, and these growing colonies can alert you to a termite presence.

Window and Door Issues

Another clear indication that your home may be suffering from a termite population is if you notice that your windows and doors have suddenly become hard to open or close. This can be because termites have tunneled their way through the wooden structure of these openings, which causes them to become misshapen and more susceptible to moisture swelling and warping. This will usually be the first interior sign of a termite population, as the windows and doors are the entranceways that these insects will use to your home.


Finally, the last warning sign associated with a termite population in your home is the presence of discarded wings. Termites will lose their wings as they age, and so a large presence of wings means that the termite population in and around your home is rapidly growing and multiplying. It is actively expanding the size of its colony, which can quickly start causing all sorts of structural damage within your home. Contact a pest control specialist as soon as you notice large amounts of wings in any room of your home.