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Spring Cleaning For Pest Control: 4 Things To Add To Your To-Do List

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When you think of spring cleaning, you might not think about pest control first. However, this is the perfect opportunity to protect your home against pests. As warm weather approaches, insects and animals will begin making their presence known outside, and maybe even inside too. Consider the following as you set up your spring cleaning to-do list.

1. Clean Up The Yard

Cleaning up the yard may already be on your list of prep for warmer weather, but in addition to seeding the lawn and planting bulbs, there are some pest control practices you can put into place as well. Clear any debris from the yard, including twigs, litter, leaves, and other debris. Clean the gutters and downspouts, and ensure that water has a proper drainage path when it rains. Debris in the yard can provide shelter for small animals, while clogged gutters can create perfect breeding grounds for a host of insects, including mosquitoes and termites.

2. Clean Out Cupboards

You might be surprised at how many crumbs and flecks of food can begin to pile up on cupboard shelves. This can come from boxes of food left open or even bags of rice that have developed small holes. Take everything out of the cabinets and give each shelf a thorough wipe-down. While you are doing this, consider using caulk to seal any cracks in the cabinets that small insects can use to get into your food storage area. Once everything is clean, transfer cereal, pasta, rice, flour, and other dry goods into plastic storage containers for an added layer of protection.

3. Go Through Storage Areas

Cardboard boxes can provide ideal hiding spots and nesting areas for a number of pests, including mice, rats, termites, and cardboard. Wet or damp cardboard boxes may even be more attractive to some pests. As you tackle your spring cleaning list, go through all of your storage areas to inspect boxes that have been tucked away throughout the year. Look for signs of damage, and if possible, transfer items into new boxes or plastic storage bins. Take this opportunity to vacuum up any spider webs you might find, and consider arranging boxes on shelving systems to create fewer hiding spaces for pests.

4. Encase Bedding

You may decide to wash bedding and freshen up pillows as part of your spring cleaning project. While you are doing these items, take some extra precautions against bedbugs as well. Purchase encasements for mattresses and covers for pillows that can prevent bedbugs from making your bed their permanent home. Encasements can also help help fight off allergies by keeping mites and other allergens away from your mattress and pillows.

If you suspect you have an issue with pests, or if you want help with other pest prevention methods, schedule an appointment with a pest control company like Environmental  Pest Control.