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Get Rid Of Your Bed Bug Problem With Heat

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It may be challenging to eliminate bed bugs with pesticides, but fortunately, the pests are vulnerable to extreme temperatures. High heat will kill the bugs quickly, but the problem is how to expose the bugs to a high enough temperature. Some pest control companies offer this service by bringing large heaters to your home to raise the temperature high enough to kill hidden bugs. Here's how heat works to kill bed bugs.

Killing With Heat Requires Even Heat Distribution

One of the most effective ways to kill bed bugs with heat is the common clothes dryer. That's because it has temperatures high enough to kill the bugs and it tosses the clothing around so the heat is distributed evenly throughout folds and seams. A small infestation that's limited to clothing or bedding might be treated this way, but when the bugs are in your carpet, behind walls, nestled into your bed frame, and tucked away in hidden places in your home, the dryer isn't much help.

Instead, your home has to be turned into a dryer. This is done by heating up the house and maintaining the temperature long enough that heat has time to penetrate all the concealed areas that hold on to cool air. The exterminator may also flip your mattress and move other belongings around to ensure even distribution of heat during the treatment process.

High Heat Kills Bed Bugs In All Stages Of Life

The temperature is checked in several places during the treatment to ensure it reaches a high enough range to kill off any bugs living in the space. Since bed bugs usually stay close to your bed so they can reach you easily to feed at night, most of the bugs will be in your bedroom. However, the pest control company may recommend heating your entire home to make sure all stray bugs are killed and the cycle won't start all over by bugs that escaped the heat. When your whole house is treated, the bugs are killed in all phases of their life cycle so the bugs should be eliminated permanently.

Killing the bugs with heat requires professional help. Things like turning your furnace on high or relying on a hot summer day to kill bugs are not effective and a waste of time. The proper equipment is needed, and the equipment has to be used safely and in a way that ensures no cool areas remain where bugs can hide. Hiring a bed bug extermination professional to use commercial equipment is an effective and safe way to get rid of bed bugs when they've invaded your home.