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Mice Removal Often Requires Professional Help

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If you hear scratching and squeaking in the walls or ceiling while you're in bed at night, you probably have mice in your house. A mouse problem isn't something to ignore because mice are destructive and they spread diseases. If you can't stand the thought of setting a mouse trap and emptying the catch, then you can call a pest control company for help. Professional help may be needed anyway since mice are often difficult to eradicate once they've settled in. Here are some things a pest control expert might do to get rid of the mice.

Block New Mice From Getting In

If you have mice in your walls or attic, they got inside your house somehow and other mice will probably follow. The first step in clearing up your mouse problem is to block all the entry points so no more mice get inside. The exterminator will check all the rooms in your house as well as the outside for tiny holes that mice can wiggle through. Once those areas are all plugged up, new mice won't be added to the problem and the mice indoors will be confined so they can be killed.

Trap The Inside Mice

Unless your house is vacant, you probably don't want to use poison to kill the mice. The last thing you want is the smell of dead mice in your home from mice that have crawled off and died in places where they can't be found. Not only that, rat poison is dangerous for pets, kids, and wildlife. Instead, traps can be used to target the mice. When a large number of traps are set at once and placed in the proper position against the walls, an exterminator can wipe out the mice in a hurry. The exterminator may set the traps one day and come back in a day or two to empty them so you never have to deal with dead mouse bodies.

You may need to leave traps set for several days to catch mice that are reluctant to get near the traps. The exterminator will check for the presence of mice, such as paw prints in dust and droppings on the floor, to determine when the mice have been eliminated. However, you should also stay vigilant for sounds of mice in case a few mice remain that didn't go near the traps. If you have mice that linger, the exterminator may need to try different types of traps or other approaches to get every mouse out of your house.

For more information, contact mice removal services in your area.