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Tips For Eliminating Snakes From Your Property

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Though snakes are very necessary for the ecosystem to function correctly, finding them in your yard can be scary. Especially if you are snake phobic or have poisonous snakes, such as rattlesnakes, in your local area.

While most snakes are more scared of you than you are of them, there are many things you can do to encourage them to stay off of your property and well away from your family.

To get you started evicting the slithering pests from your yard, here are some tips:

Tip: Eliminate Areas Where Snakes Like to Hide and Make Nests or Dens

Snakes live and reproduce in sheltered areas under rocks, logs, and other areas where they can hide from birds and other predators. Homes where one snake lives are referred to as nests, while places multiple snakes live are called dens.

The absolute best way to keep snakes off of your land is to eliminate the areas where they like to form dens and nests, such as:

  • firewood piles
  • rock piles
  • stands of high grass
  • compost piles

In addition, you should block off the areas under decks, patios, and other structures where snakes can hide and build homes.

Tip: Keep a Handle on Your Property's Rodent Population

While snakes will eat small birds, fish, and other edible things they come across as they move around, their preferred food source is rodents. 

To encourage snakes to live elsewhere, you need to remove their favorite food from your property. To do so, you should do everything you can to get rid of rodents, including:

  • setting out rodent traps
  • putting out species-specific poisons
  • remove pet food they feed on

In addition, you should secure your trash cans and remove bird feeders that drop seed down to the ground where rats and mice will feed on it.

Tip: Enlist the Assistance of a Professional Exterminator in Your Local Area

If you remove all of the rodents and snake habitats from your property and yet you still find snake skins, see snake trails on the ground, or see the snakes themselves, then you will need some professional assistance to remove them once and for all.

Exterminators and pest control professionals have traps and other ways of removing snakes from residential properties and this is a common reason they are called out to many homes. In addition, exterminators in your local area will know all about the local snake species and where they like to hide. Visit a website like http://molterpestandwildlife.com to learn more.