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Mouse Trouble? Why You Shouldn't Go It Alone

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For many homeowners, the sight of a mouse sends them running to the store for traps, bait, and other do-it-yourself solutions. While mouse traps can be successful in some cases, they aren't nearly as effective as you might think. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider calling a pest control company instead of trying to eliminate mice on your own:

Traps Are Only Effective When Set Precisely

Mousetraps are often the go-to for homeowners when they are trying to deal with an infestation on their own. While you may get lucky and catch a mouse or two with traps, they aren't highly effective unless they are precisely set.

For example, if you touch the trap with your bare hands, you'll leave your scent on it. Mice aren't as likely to go near the bait if they can smell human scent on the trap. This can sabotage your efforts before you even get started.

Additionally, many homeowners fall for the cheese misconception. Mice do eat cheese sometimes, but they aren't as likely to go after that as they are to go after something like seeds, nuts, peanut butter, or something similar. Using the wrong bait can keep you from catching as many mice as possible.

In addition, if you don't put the traps in the right places, you aren't going to be as likely to catch anything. Mice stay close to the edges of the walls and in corners, so put your traps in those areas. In addition, a primary trap may not catch anything. If the mouse realizes what's happening and jumps back, having a secondary trap in place can help you to catch that mouse.

Cats Aren't An Automatic Solution

Some people believe that, if they see a mouse, they should just get a cat because the cat will catch and kill any mice. Some cats are good at catching mice, but many cats are not good hunters. They won't go after a mouse or kill it, so you may find that you now have a cat and mice with no solution to either problem.

As you can see, some of the most standard options for dealing with mice in your own home aren't always the most successful. That's why you should call a pest control company today. Don't let those mice multiply and take over the space in your home. Contact a pest control service near you right away to get rid of the mice in your house.