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Roach Control In The Basement

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For some reason, roaches are often seen as a kitchen pest. It is true that roaches love the kitchen because they can typically find food scraps and water there. However, if you clean up your kitchen, you may simply find that the roaches move — to your basement. If this has recently happened to you, here are some changes you can make to your basement for better roach control.

Put insecticides in your sump pump pit.

One reason why roaches love basements is all the moisture. Even if your basement is not leaky or humid, there's probably a sump pump pit where the roaches can get a drink whenever they please. A good way to make this pit less attractive is to place some insecticides inside of it. You can use mosquito dunks in a pinch, but many home improvement stores actually offer insecticide tablets specifically for sump pump pits. They will repel most of the insects, and those insects that still do drink from the pit will die. 

Move items from cardboard boxes into plastic totes.

Many people store their items in cardboard boxes in the basement. This is a bad idea if you have a roach problem. Many roaches will feed on the cardboard if they are desperate. They also love the sticky substance on the tape people use to hold their boxes closed. Cardboard boxes also make it easy for the roaches to access anything that is inside the boxes. For better roach control, switch to plastic totes with tightly fitting lids.

Close and seal your windows.

You might get rid of the roaches in your basement for a while, only to then find some more. How are they getting in? Probably through the window. If you leave your basement windows open for some ventilation, unfortunately, you are also inviting roaches inside. Close the windows, and if you notice any gaps or cracks to the side of them, work to seal those cracks. You can press rope caulk into them, or you can apply a bead of silicone caulk. Roaches are sneaky, but they won't be able to get through either of these types of caulk.

Roaches and basements tend to go hand-in-hand, but it does not have to be this way. If you continue to have a roach problem after following the tips above, then reach out to a pest control service. They'll help you explore some new and effective solutions. To learn more, contact a local roach control service.