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Use A Bait System To Eliminate Subterranean Termites

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Subterranean termites are prevalent in many states and congregate in nests that aren't within view. Some species may contain multiple living quarters that are connected by underground burrows. If a termite infestation has led to you needing to replace wooden materials that comprise your home's exterior, use a termite control bait system to ward off additional termite infestations.

A Gel Or Capsule Pesticide

Termite control used to involve spraying affected surfaces, using invasive inspection techniques, and removing rotted wood, and replacing it with new materials. Over the years, new products have been released and many of these products consist of using treatments that will gradually kill off a colony of termites.

A termite control bait system will include stakes that have hollow interiors, a syringe, and a product that needs to be dispensed via the syringe. A gel or a capsule will not result in messy applications that you may have endured with other treatment products.

Each system that is on the market will come with staking guidelines and a process that must be followed during the application of a pesticide. Various products are effective in killing large colonies of termites and keeping additional infestations at bay for a specific duration. Contemplate your previous interactions with termites, to help you select a bait system that will provide rapid results that last.

The Setup

Before you set up the bait system, read the manual that describes where to place the stakes, and how to release the pesticide into the ground. Stakes will need to be pushed down into the earth and should remain in place during the recommended time that it will take to destroy a colony of termites.

If your lawn contains long blades of grass and foliage that need to be trimmed, complete landscaping efforts. This will minimize disruptions to the bait system. It will also allow you to easily access the opening in each stake. If the pesticide is one that could be harmful to the skin or if the scent of the product could aggravate your respiratory system, put on gloves and a mask, before breaking open the foil seal that surrounds the gel or capsules.

For the gel process, fill the syringe with the gel and slowly dispense the gel into each stake. For the capsule process, place the recommended number of capsules into each stake's opening. Termites will consume the pesticide, but this will take some time. After consuming it, they will gradually die and they will spread the poison to other termites within the colony.

For more information on termite control bait systems, contact a pest control specialist.