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Signs Your Home Needs Termite Removal Services

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Termites are a danger to your home since they actively feed on wood. The insects may feed on your home's wooden parts, such as pillars, weakening the building structure. Over time, termites could cause your building to collapse, which can result in significant financial losses. That's why you need a termite removal service to get rid of the insects. However, you must be sure that you're dealing with a termite infestation before calling pest control professionals. Here are signs your home requires termite removal services.

White Ants

Often, people mistake ants for termites because the two insect species have a lot of similarities. However, there are differences you can observe. For instance, termites are usually white with straight antennas. In contrast, ants have bent antennas. Additionally, termites have a thick waist section while ants have a narrow one. Also, there are flying ants whose front wings are larger than their back wings. Termites have back and front wings of the same size.

Flying Termites and Wings

Flying termites are easy to notice, and this is one of the early signs of a termite infestation. In a termite colony, some termites leave the nest to search for mates to create a new colony. That's common after rain. After finding mates, the termites shed their wings. If you notice insect wings around your home, you probably need termite removal treatment.

Hollow Timber or Holes in Your Wood

Termites usually feed on your wood from the inside out, so you may not notice the early signs of damage. As the insects feed, they create hollows in the wood. If you tap on the wood, you may hear a hollow sound. Additionally, when you press the external thin layer of wood that's left, your fingers can penetrate the wood easily, causing breakage. Also, if you see holes in your wood, the chances are that you need termite removal services.

Mud Tubes

Some subterranean termite species build mud tubes or shelter tubes for protection and moisture preservation. The channels comprise mud and termite droppings and can be meters long. You're likely to notice the tubes on your basement or exterior walls. Since you can quickly see the mud tubes, you can get termite removal services on time.

The presence of white ants, flying termites and wings, hollow timber, or holes in your wood and mud tubes are signs that your house needs termite removal services. Consider getting professional termite exterminators to protect your home against these stubborn insects.