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Getting A Lot Of Wasps In Your Home? Contact A Pest Control Company To Help You

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If there are a lot of wasps getting into your home, you need to take steps to get them out. These insects sting and it can hurt. You may have someone in your home that is allergic and not be aware of it. Instead of trying to take care of this problem on your own, you should contact a pest control company. Below is information on steps they will take to get your home wasp free.

Determine How They Are Getting In

The first thing a pest control company will do is determine how wasps are getting into your home. One of the most common areas is open windows and doors. When you open a door, a wasp can easily fly in. Because of this, when walking into and out of your home, open and close the door quickly. If you have windows that you like to leave open, they must have a screen on them and make sure the screen is in good condition and does not have any holes. 

Wasps may also enter your home through your attic if there are any openings around roofing vents. There may be gaps where the gutters and roofing shingles meet. The attic vent may not seal well, or the vent may be open. 

If your home has a fireplace, make sure you keep the chimney flue closed or wasps can easily fly into the chimney and then into your home. Check the flue to ensure it has a good seal when it is closed. 

Find the Outside Source

Wasps build nests outside the home and then once they become large enough to fly, they search for food for the other wasps in the nest. Wasps may build a nest around your front door if you have a covered porch as this provides protection. Wasp nests may also be found in places like bushes, trees, under patios and decks, behind window shutters, and under the eaves of your house. 

Once the wasp nest is found, the pest control contractor applies liquids, dusts, or aerosols in the nest to kill all the wasps. Once the wasps are eliminated, the contractor removes the nest. If they do not do this, another wasp colony may set up their home inside the nest. 

The pest control company can give you much more information on how wasps get into your home and what they do to get them out. The contractor can give you tips on how to prevent future wasps from getting into your home. Reach out to a pest control company in your area.