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DIY Bed Bug Control Method To Use At Home

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Bed bugs can make your home inhabitable. In fact, the sight of these pests sends most folks into a panic. Unlike other pests, bed bugs are after your blood. They primarily feed on blood. As such, you'll need to deal with them before they become a nightmare. So, instead of panicking, you should use the following bed bug control techniques to get rid of them.

Vacuum Regularly

Your vacuum cleaners may make a massive difference if you are trying to battle an infestation. As you already know, bed bugs prefer to hide on your bedding, mattress, sofa, carpet, walls, and floors. As such, you should vacuum these areas regularly to reduce the number of bed bugs. Ensure you use a strong vacuum cleaner so that it can suck the bed bugs hiding in the cracks. Don't forget to dispose of the bag immediately after you vacuum all these spots.

Try Steam Cleaning

Vacuuming your infested rooms is a great place to start, but it won't remove all the bed bugs. Bed bugs can hide in the tiniest holes and cracks. Besides, these pests lay their eggs in cracks and other hidden spots. As such, you might have to steam clean your couch, bed, and cabinets. The steam should kill the eggs and bed bugs instantly. You just need to be careful when doing the steam cleaning to avoid damaging your couch and other furniture.

Clean Your Bedding and Clothes

Most people clean their bedding once a week. This is important because bed bugs will always hide under the bedding and dirty clothes. You can, however, reduce and kill the bedbugs by thoroughly cleaning your clothes and bedding. You should clean them with a strong detergent and hot water if possible. Remember to check the labels on your clothes and bedding before you use hot water to clean them.

Use Insecticides

Assuming you have tried the first three options, you can still use an insecticide to kill the remaining bed bugs and eggs. The market has plenty of bed bug treatment products you can use to control the infestation in your home. Try using bed bug aerosol sprays due to their ability to penetrate crevices and cracks. Once you spray the affected areas, you can apply a bed bug dust insecticide. The powder will last for months, killing most of the surviving bed bugs.

DIY bed bug control techniques should do the job if you apply them early enough. However, if these techniques fail, don't hesitate to call a bed bug exterminator to come to your rescue. 

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