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5 Reasons To Use Termite Baiting Stations Around Your Home

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If you are worried that your home could be at risk of termite infestation, you need preventative treatment. Termite baiting stations are an effective treatment that helps to keep termite colonies from invading structures.

Protecting your home with a termite baiting system is a good idea for many reasons. 

1. Year-round monitoring

Termite baiting stations need to be monitored for several reasons, including:

  • To detect the presence of termites
  • To restock baiting stations with food and poison
  • To speed up the destruction of termite colonies by adding extra poisoned bait

Pest control professionals monitor termite baiting stations about once a month. This means that you have the benefit of having a set of professional eyes to protect your home throughout the year.

2. Early detection of incoming termites

Even if you are not aware that there are termites in your area, having a termite baiting system gives you an early warning system. Because the baits are checked once a month, incoming termites won't have time to damage your home badly before they are detected.

3. Non-intrusive treatment

Some termite treatments are intrusive, such as spot treatments and liquid barrier treatments. These treatments coat surfaces and soil with insecticides, something which you might not want if you have young children or pets. Termite baiting stations go into the ground along with the poisoned bait.

4. Ability to destroy entire colonies

Some termite treatments only act as barriers to stop termites from entering your home. But termite bait stations can also destroy termite colonies too. The poison that pest control companies use in bait stations doesn't kill termites immediately. Instead, it inhibits growth, which prevents termites from growing a new exoskeleton. Once the poison is taken back to a colony, it begins to spread.

Although the process of colony death could take months, eventually, an affected termite colony will die off completely. This makes termite baiting stations an effective method of dealing with nearby termite colonies that haven't yet attacked your home.

5. Takes Termite's attention away from your home

Termite workers search for food constantly, night and day. The foraging termites build tunnels in every direction and stop when they discover cellulose, their favorite food. The termite workers then notify the nest and the termites begin to focus on that food source. In this way, termite baiting stations can help to distract termites and keep them away from your home.

If you want an effective and non-intrusive preventative termite treatment, consider choosing a termite baiting system to protect the perimeter of your home.

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