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4 Ways In Which An Ant Infestation Can Be Detrimental To Your Business

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An ant infestation can be disastrous for you as a business owner and for your employees. The reason for this is that these insects establish colonies and are prolific breeders. That said, it can be fairly easy to overlook the presence of these bugs on your business premise. Even so, ants pose a significant threat to your business, and you should contact pest control services immediately if you spot them on your property. Here are ways through which an infestation can ruin your business.

Equipment and Stock Destruction

Ants are likely to nest in large appliances, chew through the wiring, and damage the items. Significantly, these items can be expensive to repair and replace, whether they are for sale or business operations. As such, you should hire an expert to exterminate ants as soon as you spot them on your business premises.

Damage to the Building

Carpenter ants can cause significant damage to your building because they typically tunnel through wooden sections of your structure. Accordingly, your building's structure becomes weak over time. Besides this, the bugs can dig into your foundation to build their nests, causing the ground to shift. To resolve this, you need to hire a professional to figure out their nesting places and eliminate them.

Possible Food Contamination

These pests carry bacteria like salmonella and can spread illnesses like dysentery and smallpox. Moisture ants, for example, can get into food and contaminate it. Thus, if you own a restaurant, your staff and customers can fall ill, tainting your business's reputation and costing you money in liability lawsuits. Furthermore, the news of the infestation can spread quickly, and you could lose many customers. It is, therefore, crucial to address an ant invasion promptly once you see the signs. One such indicator is if you notice a group of these bugs in the kitchen.

Temporary Closure

Keep in mind that you cannot afford to disregard an infestation even if your business isn't making much money. This is because the health department will inspect your premises, e.g., in the case of restaurants, and close them due to an ant invasion. Since these insects can cause food poisoning because they carry bacteria, the health department is likely to view your food business as unsafe for operation. Nonetheless, you can avoid these risks by hiring pest control experts to exterminate the bugs efficiently so that you won't lose business time due to pest issues.

Ants can affect your business in many ways. If there's a massive invasion, you might even be forced to close your business until you handle the situation. Fortunately, pest control specialists can rid your business of ants effectively. For more information on pest control, contact a professional near you.