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3 Pest Control Tips For Your Self Storage Unit

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Many self-storage facilities prohibit renters from using pest control chemicals in their units. These policies prevent individuals from using chemicals that could either interfere with other pest control efforts that the facility utilizes or that could dangerously interact with the pest control efforts of other renters. Unfortunately, many people take this to mean that they cannot use any pest control methods and this is not true. Several pest control tips and tricks can prove highly effective even if you are not allowed to use any chemical products. You can learn three of these tips below. 

#1: Never Use Cardboard Boxes In Your Storage Unit

Cardboard boxes are perhaps the most common way people choose to store smaller items. For most people, this decision is made based on the fact that these boxes are cheap and easy to find. The problem with using these boxes is that they do not provide an airtight or watertight seal. This allows for the potential of several types of damage, including pest damage. Many common pests also seek out these boxes because they offer a safe shelter for them to build their nest. To keep your storage unit free of pests, you will need to trade your cardboard boxes in for durable plastic storage containers. 

#2: Keep Items Elevated

Many storage units offer concrete flooring. The problem with this is that moisture can build up between your items and the concrete floor over time. The dark, moist space that this creates is an ideal home for many pests. To prevent pests from making their home beneath your stored items, you will want to elevate these items off the ground. One of the easiest ways to do this is using wood pallets.

#3: Use Essential Oils To Deter Pests

While you may not be able to use chemical-based deterrents, you can use essential oils to make your storage unit less appealing to common pests. For many pests, the strong aroma of essential oils such as lavender and peppermint oil can be overwhelming. Consequently, pests will choose to go running in the opposite direction when they encounter these smells. Using this fact to your advantage can be quite simple. Just soak some cotton balls in the essential oil of your choice and put them along the walls of your storage unit. If you are worried about the oil getting on other surfaces, you can place the cotton balls in disposable pans before strategically positioning them in your storage unit. 

For more information on pest control, contact a company near you.