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Squirrel Removal Tips That Homeowners Should Remember

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Squirrels may come around your property often but if they get too close, you may want to remove them. You'll have a successful time doing so if you just follow these protocols. 

Contain the Squirrel Using a Thick Blanket 

Squirrels are very fast and can be pretty hard to catch. However, sometimes you can get close enough to throw a blanket over them and then wrap them up in it. This will help you contain the squirrel and then you can relocate it to a location that's better suited to their needs.

Just remember to use a thick blanket so that you don't have to worry about the squirrel acting out in aggression and biting your hands. Even if they try to, the thick blanket will offer enough cushion and keep you injury-free. 

Set Out Multiple Cages With Bait

Sometimes the best way to remove squirrels from your property once and for all is to just set out some cages that are baited with foods that attract squirrels. You can then catch them and release them around a location that's better for them and your family. You just need to set out multiple cages that are big enough to house multiple squirrels in a humane way. Then you need to put the right bait inside so that the squirrel feels the urge to go inside. Most of the time, these cages will work and let you deal with squirrels without causing them harm.

Use Vinegar as a Deterrent to Prevent Future Encounters 

If you're tired of having squirrels come near your property because they may cause damage, then what you can do is use vinegar as a deterrent. Then this rodent may not want to come near your property at all. They don't like the smell of vinegar, so this substance can work great if you just apply it effectively around your property. You need to first see where rodents are drawn to and then make a note of these locations. Then you can apply some vinegar around these strategic spots and monitor your repellent results. If they work, you can repeat these steps every couple of weeks or so.

If you have squirrels causing a bunch of issues around your property, you may want to remove them yourself. Just focus on methods that can work and then do your best to keep squirrels away after the initial removal. Then you won't have to worry about these rodents as much in the future. 

Contact a local squirrel removal service to learn more.