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Eliminating Brown Recluse Spiders From Your Property

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If you live in an area where brown recluse spiders are known to thrive, you are undoubtedly worried about having them invade your personal space. Brown recluse spiders are known for their venomous bite. If you do happen to become bitten by one of these pests, you may suffer from vomiting and/or a high fever. Here are some actions to take to keep these spiders from infesting your home.

Eliminate Attractions And Repair Damage

If you have stacked wood piles outdoors, move them to a spot far from your home and any outbuildings so pests, including brown recluse spiders, are not within close proximity of your living or working spaces. Cover any water sources such as bird baths or kiddie pools when they are not being used. Keep exterior lighting off during nighttime hours as brown recluse spiders will stay near illuminated areas to capture insects drawn to the lighting. Check the exterior siding on your home for spots where cracks or holes are present. Fill these damaged areas in using caulk temporarily and replace panels with new ones as soon as possible. 

Use Sticky Traps In Key Locations

Spider traps are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased from a home goods or hardware store. If you are unable to find traps in your area, contact a local pest control service to inquire as to whether they sell products to consumers. If not, schedule an appointment with a pest control business to treat your home and property. Place spider traps along the floorboards and in the corners of your attic, as this is a location spiders tend to congregate due to the warmth higher elevations provide. Add more traps to dark locations such as your basement, crawlspace, closets, and garage. Check traps daily and replace them as needed.

Spray Cracks And Crevices With A Pesticide

In addition to spider traps, it is wise to apply a pesticide made especially for killing off spiders inside of your home. If you have pets or children, this method should only be conducted when they are not in the home for an extended time period due to potential health risks. If your home will be vacant, however, spray down areas where conditions are favorable for spiders. This includes areas where moisture is present such as in bathrooms and laundry rooms, as well as darkened areas such as rooms you do not utilize, closets, the attic, and the basement. 

Reach out to a company that offers brown recluse control services to learn more.