Tactics For Removing Fleas and Other Pests

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How To Prevent Termite Infestations

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Termites are a common household pest that can cause a great deal of structural damage to wooden components of your home, which makes them particularly destructive. A termite infestation can also be quite costly to fix, since the termites themselves will have to be dealt with before the damage they have done within your home can be fixed. Therefore, the best form of termite control is preventing them from making it into your home in the first place. Read More»

Four Signs You Have A Flea Problem

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Fleas are a common household pest that can be commonly carried into your home by your pets but can then quickly spread to your clothes, bedding, and other soft surfaces. Fleas can also carry a number of diseases, which makes them a heath concern as well as a pest concern. The following are four signs that your home may have a flea problem, and if you notice one or any combination of them, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a pest control specialist as soon as possible. Read More»